jewellery Valérie Reinert



The ring opens …
Breaking with its sealed circularity, giving up its rounded closure: it escapes.
Inspired by a breath of freedom towards a new harmony.


An unique form comes to life. It unfolds. It loosens.
From now on, borders are abolished, opposites are gathered.
However, the symbol remains.
No matter whether it’s a ring, a bracelet or earrings, no matter whether it’s for a man or a woman, a gift or for yourself, no matter whether… A new jewelry is created and the V2V collection built its identity.
A genuine signature.
A combination of freedom and unity. Behind V2V’s creations, a strong attachment, an infinite link, a passion which joins lovers, a movement which steals the heart.

The V2V jewelry releases the imagination and offers a travel in a dreaming and luxurious world, where sobriety emphasizes purity, pure materials enhance beauty.
Freed, the ring splits. Amazing, it retains curves. Contemporary, it reveals its modernity.
Absolute, it tends to infinity.
Product in confidential amount, the jewel captures your eyes, grabs your heart and abducts your soul.

It is done for you, V2V is for you.

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